About Us

CAD 2000 MLS International has more than 40 YEARS of experience in consulting, projecting and supply of equipment for the construcion of:

  • Tunnels by formworks for lining or precast segments moulds for TBM tunnels
  • Bridges formworks for precast elements and their transporta on, li ing and launching equipment
  • Jumpforms for bridges piles
  • Rebar cages machines for piling works
  • Safety scaffolding-screens for height buildings

Our machines have been installed in all over the world with the full Customer’s sa sfac on thanks to our complete know-how and service to study the best solu on for each project with fast erec on, easy opera on & maintenance, full set of accessories and keeping care to the high quality rst.

New ideas and quality means work safely with good execu on saving money in any megastructure to be built.

Ask to us for any project to do: road, railways or sewerage tunnels, road or railways bridges, any kind of big precast element. Our Engineers have the solu ons for your needs.


Today we are in position to guarantee to our costumers the best possible solution in the choice of the type of equipment and this especially in connection to the specific client’s requirements.

We can, moreover, assist technically in the construction of the plant to be built.